Oblivion Mod: Imperial City of Sutch Reborn

So finally I got this mod to work on my computer. Before I tried to play this long ago but couldn’t get it to work. Maybe cause I broke the quest-line. Who knows. I got curious about the mod once I found out that Sutch was originally intended to be a city, but was later removed and replaced with a ruined fort. Looking around on Oblivion Nexus to see if anyone perhaps made a mod that turned Sutch into a city. My searching revealed Imperial City of Sutch Reborn.

Really like how they rebuild a grand city that was destroyed by the bandit king. Great quests although it is a pain trying to figure where the people you need to talk are, either they are there or they aren’t there at all. That is probably what frustrated me the most about this mod. The people whom I had to talk to where usually missing most of the time.

Pretty good though and well made. Not sure if I liked how the whole question mark regarding the oricale and his fate since he is sort of still alive and kicking. Can’t figure where the vault was though when you asked for a reward.

image from biulding3015

The voice actors were okay I guess but, I wished they put bit more effort when Conan dies cause the count didn’t really sound that upset upon his death. Maybe more varied voice actors would be nice but not really a big issue. Pretty good mod, enjoyed the plot.

However, I have to admit I was excepting something a lot more. Since this is made by the Dragon Captions group whose mods such as the Origin of the Mages guild and the Elder council were brilliant. I was expecting this to be the same caliber as those two, I was disappointed when it didn’t reach those expectations. Maybe I had my hopes too high since I know they have made a new mod in regards to Sutch. I might have to check the County Sutch mod and see if it is any better.


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