Oblivion Mod: The Battlespire

So I saw this mod and had a quick look at it. The screenshots and the mod description made it sound really good so I decided to give it a try. I know this based off another Elder Scrolls game (?) but I am not familiar with it. Then again, I didn’t really get into the Elder Scrolls games till I got Morrowind for Christmas many years ago.

First impressions, I really impressed with the ruins of the Battlespire. Although there seemed to be a delay of the journal update because I got the one regarding the dead mage before the update about the lack of mages….which should come first BEFORE I checked the dead mage. Regardless, I went in the portal and explored. All was going well except for the fact I had to use the console to unlock a portal so I could continue on the quest. Maybe I missed something but I am unsure.

However, I experienced problems when I got the update saying I had to take the stones to the Arcane University which I did, I asked every single person and went to every possible place in the University but, no one there had the topic option to talk about the sigil stones. So I got stuck there, and decided to check the forums.

It seems that the mod is incomplete supposedly? Although, I did download the file that was supposedly the complete version of the file but I am not sure. Maybe I have a mod conflict (which I doubt), missed something or broke the quest line due to using the console. I am not sure but was unable to finish the mod. Which is a shame since I really liked the look of the Battlespire.

Aside from the problems I experienced, I think the maker could made the Battlespire’s door a bit more obvious since I, most embarrassingly had troubles finding it at first. Not really an issue except for the issues I experienced with the quest. So not sure. Shame though, really hoped to finish it.


2 thoughts on “Oblivion Mod: The Battlespire

    • Yep. Mega fail. No, I am sure I did not break it. Also, the mod was long dead when I downloaded it. Also, reading the posts on the mod’s nexus forums, other players had issues with the mod. If you had checked the nexus page, it said it was still in beta mode despite the author saying it was complete.

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