Skyrim DLC: Hearthfire

So in Hearthfire, you are allowed to purchase 3 different plots of land in different holds. As well, adopt children.

It is fine overall. However I felt that the manors could have been more unique. The only thing that differentiates them from each other, other than their location is their “unique feature”. It is a nice touch but, I felt that more could be done to make them unique. Such as different architectural styles would be nice. All the manors look and feel the same to me, so different building styles would be great. Since you are a Thane, hence someone with influence in the hold, I think you should be able to hire some guards from the hold to protect your manor.  Or at least be able to build walls to provide protection and prevent wildlife or bandits getting in easily. Maybe be able to build some kind of fort, maybe even be a Jarl of your own hold (okay maybe not)?

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You should be able to hire more npcs. You get to have a steward (whom may or may not be your housecarl), a bard and a personal carriage driver. How come you couldn’t hire a personal chef if you got a kitchen or a librarian to maintain your library if you have one. Maybe even a maid, I mean if you have a huge manor with 3 different wings, surely you can hire a maid to maintain your house right? Cause I feel sort of bad for asking my two adopted kids to clean the house up as their chores. Just saying.

I guess I am fine with the whole adopting kids thing. Still haven’t figured that fishing thing though. I find it a shame that it’s not as interactive as I hoped it be. I was kind of expecting to be able to teach skills to children such as how to defend themselves, how to craft armor, create potions and such. The only form of interaction is talking to them, playing games with them and giving gifts. Although I did find it amusing that one of the kids asked me to make him invisible after he saw me use a spell.

Overall, I suppose Hearthfires was a decent mod but more options for the houses and more interactions between you and the children would be nice.


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