Skyrim DLC Rant: Dawnguard

I finally got around to playing, or at least start on the Dawnguard DLC. I was extremely eager to get started on this DLC, only to be severely disappointed. So this will be based on what I have done so far and my general impressions.

Warning, there are spoilers included in this post. Read at your own risk.

What disappoints me the most so far in Dawnguard is that it seems to be heavily broken/glitched in the quests. I was so excited to play and my heart lies shattered in pieces, on the ground.

*goes to weep for an hour before returning*

So I am disappointed that I cannot even proceed with the main quest. Unless I use cheat codes all the way but that ruins the experience, for me anyway.

I suppose I should have realized when the misc quest didn’t work or when I didn’t get the main quest update when I was meant too. Nevertheless, I am intrigued by what I have seen so far. Not sure whether to love Serena or not though. Bit conflicted on that. I love some of her responses when it comes to dialogue. However, I am annoyed how slow is she. My character out runs her, I can understand if she is slow at first but….surely she’d readjust to using her legs again.

Got to say, I do love that puzzle where you have to try figure what the vampires are after. Spike through the hand. Nice.

Anyway, I am going to actually review what I can actually review. Not sure if I like how they start the Dawnguard quest line. I mean you can hear about them from guards who mention it but if you completed the main quest, I would have preferred if the Dawnguard sought you out instead, to invite them joining the Dawnguard.  Which, I guess happens if you happen to walk into cities at the right time.

I do like the option of how you can change your spouse into a vampire. Although, I can imagine the awkwardness when your children (if you adopted any) realize you and your spouse are not aging. For the vampires, they stay in a huge castle which is expected given how this particular group of vampires came to be. But….it felt weird how parts of the castle are in disrepair. Then again, I might be used to the more “civil” approach of the vampires from Oblivion, where they live in luxury. Since the Cyrodilic vampires when well-fed can blend in with the populace.

Well actually now I think about it. That’s how I generally imagine vampires; living in some form of luxury regardless of where they made their home, especially if they have existed for several centuries at least. Anyway, I was expecting Harkon to have a huge throne in the dining hall. I don’t recall seeing one. I just think they could make the home of Harkon’s clan to be more….grand. Then again, it does sort of fit Harkon’s personality since he’s a jerk and all. So parts of the castle being neglected is to be expected. It’d be awesome if you had the option to restore the castle to its more glorious state if you choose to be a vampire lord and take the castle as your own. Add more immersion when you become the vampire queen/king when you defeat Harkon, by having to deal with the politics of your court. Personally, I’d just get rid of those two cause I rather eliminate those who are a threat to my throne. Just because I can or would if I could. Also be able to change those loyal to you into vampires or something, and have the Dawnguard seek you out. HOWEVER, I find it weird how they follow you to the castle. I don’t think they should be able to come to the castle.

As for the Dawnguard, I must say I really like the look of their castle which serves as their base. Didn’t explore much but since my Dawnguard isn’t working anyway. I might just load up my backup save that I made (thank goodness) to explore the castle. Really loved how they introduced crossbows into the game. I felt like Van Helsing with the crossbow.  I guess it could be the same, by inviting people to join the Dawnguard if they are loyal to you, or have people seek you out to join the Dawnguard. As well, have vampires attempt to kill you whenever you go out in the dark or randomly when you sleep.

I dunno. Those be the things I’d want to see though, everyone has their own opinion. I will have to figure a way to make my Dawnguard work .


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