Skyrim Mod: Into the Depths

Just finished playing this skyrim mod. Oh goodness, I nearly fear quit.

I wasn’t expecting Into the Depths to be a horror-type mod. However, it was well made and certainly met my exceptions for a horror mod.

I think what scared me the most was the music rather than the creepy sights. Although, the red lights certainly helped to set the mood. I was a little disappointed when it came to the actual fights. The undead worker was amazing (despite it being a corrupted shade) and it certainly fit into the story of the mod. Got to admit, I was surprised for it to have a  story. I was expecting it to be just a random horror dungeon crawl type thing.

Having the dialogue boxes pop up was a great touch. But as I was saying, they only used that model twice. One for the undead worker and then for the ghost of the stone. I just thought that maybe you use normal skeletons for the undead worker then have the ghost. Or make the ghost of the stone to be a bit more unique.

image by GLArtMods

Speaking about battles, either my character is immensely over-powered or the undead didn’t really give a tough battle I was expecting. They died pretty quickly with my flames spell.

Really loved the story though. It was well done. The horror aspect, I think the mod maker(s) nailed it. The “jump-scares” weren’t your typical “suddenly appearing in your face”, it was more slower adding to the drama and horror in my case since I had to wait for it to be over. It defiantly has it moments of horror. Oh god, the doors puzzle room thing scared me the most and the creepy mannequins too.


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