Skyrim Mod: Moonpath to Elsweyr

Finally I finally managed to download Moonpath to Elsweyr after about 10 failed downloads. Internet here in Thailand, isn’t the best when it comes to downloading things, especially if they are large files. Either way, I been highly looking forward to playing this.

I find it a little odd about how you have to save and reload the game for the quest to actually work. Just thought it was strange, but once you do that the mod works without a problem.

image by muppetpuppet

Must say though, I am very impressed with how well made the mod was. The jungle and desert was very  well made despite it being linear. Shame you couldn’t have one of the tiger guards (forgot their name already) to be your companion. The creatures were unique which was awesome. Loved the tiger guards the most. Not sure but the raptors had an odd problem where I was unable to hit them unless they were literally in front of my character. Other than that, the raptors and the other creatures encountered in the mod was excellent. Although the insect one looked Chaurus, despite having a different name. The Sload was a great reference to the lore which is very rich in the Elder scrolls series.

The voice acting was pretty good, however the subtitles don’t match with what is being said. So, an update for the subtitles may be necessary. Loved the humor about the reference to the arrow in the knee joke, and their own spin of the “I used to be an adventurer like you….” because I found that hilarious.

Overall, the quest was pretty short but really loved it. Since it made sense and all the quests related to it. Except for the side-quests of course. The custom armor was pretty good, although I don’t think it works with the female model (unless khajiit of course). Since when I wore the armor, my arms appeared to be the male model and I looked different. In both first and third person.

Was a little sad when I finished it since it was a very short mod. Really hope to see it being expanded or more from the mod maker(s). Highly recommended.


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