Skyrim Mod: Essential Elements

Just finished playing Essential Elements. Didn’t take real long to finish. I am a little conflicted on how I feel overall about this mod. It was pretty sure, got to admit the ending was amusing with the priest turning into the bad guy.

It was pretty okay, not sure how you were meant to reach the level on the top without cheats. Skeletons had pretty neat effects reflecting on their domain. Such as fire realm had fire skeletons and the ice one had all ice related monsters.

The storm realm was annoying for me cause I had trouble seeing where I was going. Oh god, the one room in the storm palace was annoying, you can hardly see, being attacked on all sides by a minion and skeletons while getting hit by massive fireballs. Not to mention I went into the fire couple times which took a ridiculous amount of health away. Even if you are on god mode (had to test to see if it would still affect me).

Not sure if I liked the dialogue or not….most people enjoyed it but I didn’t really find it funny. Didn’t like how it started cause you get randomly attacked by some dude outside Whiterun, you attack him then once he recovers….he tells you he needs your help. Very odd.

Maybe it is just me. Just saying


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