Skyrim Mod: And Realms of the Daedra

I remember when I tried to play And Realms of the Daedra the first time, before uninstalling Skyrim in favor of Oblivion. It just kept crashing whenever I tried to leave Hermaeus Mora’s realm.

However, I finally re-downloaded this mod to see if it would work this time. Amazingly, it did with no crashes. I actually played through this one shortly after I finished the Into the Depths mod, cause that mod accelerated my heart-rate. Yeah…..spooky music sets me on edge, then when you get startled by random skeletons, it’s not a good combo.

Well, the mod is extremely short. You have to start by reading a book which I found easiest to find in the Bard’s college. Can’t remember the name of the book. My memory is terrible. True fact. Thankfully the mod description tells you the name of the book you need to start the quest.

I think what I really liked about this mod, was actually seeing how they stayed true to the description of the three Daedric princes realm. Which impressed me, and it was interesting to actually be able to see the realm’s as they were described in the lore. I had fun with that. There is no order you have to go in, to retrieve the pieces of the man’s soul from each realm. So I am typing this in the order I went in.

image from thirteenoranges (Hircine's realm)
image from thirteenoranges
(Hirine’s realm)

The first one being Hermaues Mora’s realm which is an endless library filled with forbidden knowledge with lost souls forever searching for knowledge.  I actually unlocked one of the library cases and all the books were called un-named volumes. You can’t talk to the ghosts though, but you can see them wandering around and reading books to satisfy their thirst for knowledge. If it were not for quest markers, I think I would be lost in the library. It was huge and almost felt maze-like, but the quest marker made it rather easy and linear to retrieve the man’s soul piece.

Hircine’s realm being a forested area with open plains. I think I found this realm the most amusing, cause you see werewolves and Hircine’s hunters fighting each other. The werewolves didn’t attack me, probably cause I was a werewolf myself or my mod which doesn’t let werewolves attack you if you are a werewolf as well. The hunters attack you though.

The last realm you visit is Peryite’s realm. However, there is no real description of his realm. However, I think the interpretation shown in the mod was a pretty good one. However, I was expecting more disease or it to appear more orderly. Since his realm is said to be of pestilence and he is the daedra of ordering the lowest order. Well, actually more diseased. So maybe could had more variations of diseased creatures in the realm. Instead of having Dremora as the servants, have diseased priests or something of that variation.

image from thirteenoranges(Peryite's realm)
image from thirteenoranges
(Peryite’s realm)

Once you finish retrieving the poor man’s soul fragments, you close the portals to the daedras’ realm and gain the gifts from the man’s soul fragments. Which I am unsure whether to be satisfied with that or to think it is a weird ending. Cause I assumed you go on this quest to make the man’s soul whole again, then he materializes to thank you then bestows the gifts he gained onto you. Or something to that effect.

No matter though. Still enjoyed it.


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