L4D2 Custom Campaign: Back to School.

Okay. Before we review. Let me just say that me and Kaz failed in actually surviving this campaign.

Technically we did, but the tank decided to defy every single law and somehow got into da CHOPPER! (no, could not resist). Also, we die a lot. When I say “we”, I meant myself since I am rusty due to too much skyrim.

Loading poster
Loading poster


  • Very detailed
  • Each map was different
  • The graffiti was amusing
  • Sudden tank attack in the saferoom
  • Riding in the truck was a good idea, as well finding supplies
  • Length of chapters was fine, but it felt long due it to being 6 maps (and our constant deaths)
  • Random death by car, it is only a pro because I found it so random and funny (for Kaz, it was just hilarious)
image from l4dmaps.com
image from l4dmaps.com


  • Weird bug where it skipped over a map? There was 6 maps but the game said there was 5
  • Minor lagging at times
  • Tank being a jerk by attacking us in the chopper
  • Could not find the last vaccine (unless this was intended then never-mind)
  • Bots had trouble getting into back of truck at times
  • Long loading times
  • Little glitchy when it comes to chopping wire with the axe

It was fun nevertheless. I am sure Kaz and I would had more fun if we had more people. He has terrible memory, he kept forgetting to invite our other friend. Can see how much work was put into this campaign since it is well made and detailed. Very interesting how they in-cooperated different aspects and interactivity into the game. Such as chopping the wire with an axe (wish you could with a katana though), driving on a truck and gathering supplies and such. Very fun. Really fun that the loading times made it worth the wait.

Link: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=21278


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