L4D2 Custom Campaign: Haunted Forest V1.3 (revisited)

Since Kaz and I played this. I am not going to use the same format for my L4D2 reviews. I’m lazy like that.

Been a really long time since we played this campaign. I was actually expecting to never play this again because it just scared me. If you all don’t know by now, I am a very skittish person who dislikes being startled. When I get scared, I get stuck in flight or fight mode.

So we replayed this campaign with our new friend: SkepticalGeek. I don’t know, I felt it wasn’t as hard when we first played it. I think we first played this campaign when it was still in beta? Not sure. Can’t remember, I don’t think I ever specified what version we played in my old review of this campaign. Then again we played it 3 times but never the full campaign 3 times. Just once. The other 2 times was a fail I believe.

As I was saying, it didn’t feel difficult which I remembered it was when we first played it. It might be because we had Geek to help us this time.

image from l4dmaps.com

Some maps have been changed. I don’t recall being a gauntlet event in the 2-3rd map where you had to run to the saferoom. If there was last time, I think this time it was a lot harder than it was last time. We did encounter a bug during the finale where we didn’t have a huge horde or many special infected which Kaz and I encountered last time. It said something about being unable to populate the world. So we didn’t have much trouble with the finale. The tank didn’t even appear even though we could hear it. So that was interesting, either way I was still first to reach the boat :p

I think that was what bothered me about the campaign. While it still had its scares, it didn’t feel hard since we played on advanced. Then again, it might be because we had an extra player joining us because we had only 2 players last time with 2 retarded bots.

Anyway, still a good map.

Link: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=6923


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