L4D2 Custom Campaign: Warcelona

One of the more popular campaigns on the L4Dmaps.com. Never got around to playing it. Don’t know why. ANYWAY, Kaz and I played this with our newfound friend SkepticalGeek joined by his friend called: Call it Karma.

We spent the majority of our time dying, except Karma cause he played the campaign before so he was ditching us to go straight to the saferoom and all that. So I just figured might as well keep up with him and I’d be fine. Surprisingly that tactic worked very well, after I died in the first 2 maps. Since Kaz just reminded me (thanks Kaz, you now has honorable mention in this post), we heard some really serious CREEPY baby crying and then we heard a woman singing creepily in korean or something? Not sure, but it scared me and Kaz right out.

Also, I probably would had serious trouble reaching the actual chopper in the finale. However, the tank was kind and decided to falcon punch me over all the zombies towards the way to the chopper. The tank also allowed me to outrun him. Such a helpful tank.


  • First time playing a campaign with all 4 players (not that it affected anything)
  • Large maps allowing to explore the area
  • zombies certainly wore things that reflected the idea of the map
  • Great Finale (was epic)
  • Minecraft easter egg (sadly, we didn’t get to see it cause we failed in that)
  • Good lengths for the maps overall
  • Atmospheric
  • Variety in terrain for the maps
  • Traps (if you call sudden random ambulance falling on you a trap)
  • Graffiti fits the campaign since it is in Spanish
  • First map was by far the most well made (church and swimming pool)
image from l4dmaps.com


  • Could be pretty hard on advanced/expert (we restarted a few times and I died quite a bit on advanced)
  • Tanks could spawn in pretty tight places making it hard to dodge
  • Finale while great, certainly felt long considering you had to run quite a distance to reach the actual rescue point, you could easily get overwhelmed by the horde just trying to reach it
  • Slight lagging issues but I think it was just me who was lagging
  • At certain times, it felt there was wasted map due to the size of the maps but probably just me.
  • I found the design of the swimming pool a little weird, because it is tiled on the roof as well. Don’t think it should have been tiled with the same stuff as the swimming floors were.

Overall, a great and excellent campaign. Didn’t have as much fun since Karma kept rushing ahead so couldn’t explore the map thoroughly  but I did enjoy the map especially at the finale. Could be quite a challenge if you are a noob like I am, since I have a tendency to die.

Link: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=12111


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