L4D2 Custom Campaign: Questionable Ethics – Alpha Test

I remember when I first played this campaign. However, it was still in the beta phase so it only had 3 maps at the time. This time, I revisit this campaign at its V2.3 version. Not sure if they are going to keep updating it since according to its change log it is only 95% complete. However, I am going to review this as if it was the final version.


  • Focuses on teamwork (teamwork is extremely cruical for this map)
  • Puzzles (Loved doing the puzzles)
  • Traps
  • Jumping/Platformer puzzles
  • Plenty of grenade launchers (you going to need them)
  • Best Finale Ever (remembering the code and ‘punching’ the code to get out)
  • Lots of supplies especially defibs (you will need them)
  • Reminds you of Portal (well it reminded me of portal)
  • Lots of gas cans scattered about with always 1 extra in case you destroy the other gas can by accident
  • Survivor dialogue (see con)
  • Good idea to use nade launcher to stop certain traps


  • In the opening intro, I found the survivor dialogue rather annoying with all the yelling and death screams
  • Some of the puzzles were a bit tedious, such as the falling car death trap puzzle as we often got incapped there
  • Not easy on advanced at all, had to change difficultly level so we could survive to the end
  • Grenade launcher puzzles could be a bit annoying, such as the ones on the timer since you need 2 people to have grenade launchers
  • The grenade launcher targets could been made easier to spot, we nearly died in a trap till I realized there was a second one
  • Ledges could be a bit wider as we had a tendency to knock each other off the ledges trying to move around (Dammit, Kaz we wouldn’t had this problem if you just got out of my damn way)

Definitely follows the theme of the Questionable Ethics campaign. There were new puzzles and challenges for us to go through and I certainly enjoyed this one more than its predecessor. I had very smooth game-play despite my outrageously high ping. It almost felt like if Aperture science had an evil twin, this would be it. Questionable ethics was like its SAW-like evil counterpart. The puzzles weren’t hard but it just required timing and good aim. Some of the puzzles were a little confusing but quick to figure out once you see where you had to go. I think the finale was the best because you had that sense of urgency to get out, so it adds stress to you trying to remember the code then rushing to get all the numbers in before the tanks arrived. I think the ending cut-scene where you escape was the best: you reach the surface and there’s a chopper overhead to get you out. One of my favorite campaigns despite its slight difficulty.

Link: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=13231


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