Portal 2 Co-op Review – Edited

Finally finished the Portal 2 co-op with Kaz. Whom like me has no life, well we both do but its only on the internet. We are doing the extra co-op test chambers now, so this review is just in regards to the main co-op story-line.

This post now been edited to include the extra co-op test chamber.

warning: this post most likely contains spoilers

Really liked the plot despite the terrible, terrible implications of the ending.  The puzzles certainly had their moments of: what the fuck is this? or moments of: HOW ON EARTH DO YOU SOLVE THESE?! and rage. Well, not sure about Kaz cause I had both moments. We definitely both had plenty moments of: we’re such idiots.

The strength of the co-op game-play is obviously in the co-op; because when one doesn’t see the solution to the puzzle, the other might see it. Kaz would see solutions to things I haven’t thought about (or completely oblivious too) and vice versa. We did have our moments of complete stupidity, where one of us thinks we have the solution but never do anything about it, till its proven that was the solution.

GLaDos is still entertaining as ever in her glorious sarcastic humor. Oh hail GLaDOS! She’s my favorite portal character.

The chambers were well made, revolving around the co-op idea. Sometimes, the chambers would separate between you both so you have to work on your own individual sides to open the door. Other times, there would be timed events where both of you had to activate switches or buttons at the same time. I thought it was a very interesting concept and seeing it in action was brilliant.

Kaz did nearly make me rage quit a couple of times, but that’s okay. I forgive you Kaz (for now) till I decide he needs to get smacked big time. So yes, if you wish to co-op; make sure your partner in science isn’t a jerk, you both are great pals and all that lovely jazz. Otherwise, you both are gonna spend the majority of the time arguing and murdering each  other. It will put the friendship to the test.

Just saying. No, Kaz and I did not want to murder each other.

Can’t wait to finish the bonus chambers. Curious to see if they have their own plot story or not. On that note, that reminds me that Kaz and I found the credits for the co-op entertaining to watch through.


So I finally finished the extra maps. The ‘art therapy’ was pretty interesting. I was very entertained by GLaDOS and how she named certain test chambers as if they were art pieces.

Spoilers alert!

I finished this with Geek since Kaz wasn’t able to finish it. At first, we thought it might be Chell whom GLaDOS was referring to only to find out it was something less threatening than a human. The cut-scence was hilarious though and especially towards the end since GLaDOS was still slightly afraid of the little ones that were now “little killing machines”.

Not sure, if the little ones survived since GLaDOS has a tendency to make extremely dangerous tests with death being imminent.


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