L4D2 Custom Campaign: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Zombies

So in celebration of Geek’s end of exams and for his surviving the exams. The trio of us decided to celebrate by playing a custom campaign, that Geek had been looking forward to playing for a while.


  • Interesting concept for a campaign (based on a coaster ride)
  • The maps were consistent with the idea
  • Freeride map!
  • Nice textures
  • Finale was interesting (see cons)


  • Short campaign overall
  • Finale was confusing since it is based on a ride – how did we anger Mara then?
  • Ending seemed to be glitched as we all died, appeared to have to restart campaign then suddenly ending credits. HOWEVER once ending credits were done, we did not return to lobby
  • Bots don’t seem to do well in this campaign

Overall, it was an interesting map to play. Playing in a theme park with a ride you can actually ride on (if you don’t count Dark Carnival). Not sure if I liked the finale though cause it didn’t make sense at all. We still had, especially goofing around on the freeride map cause we had nothing better to do, till we decided to go for versus.

Link: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=6178


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