L4D2 Custom Map: Zombies of the Caribbean

So in theme of playing in theme park rides, Kaz found Zombies of the Caribbean. We were going to originally do 25 to life but them decided to do this map instead.  Since I was downloading another custom campaign at the time (Silent Hill), we decided to do this map so I wouldn’t experience massive lag. While I didn’t lag, I did have a high ping till the download was over, then it got lower.


  • 3 choices of how you can do this map
  • Everything was set up beautifully (enjoyed looking at it)
  • Nice custom loading poster
  • Using the infected as props to be civilians
  • Infected band singing (we were amused by this)
  • Boat ride was awesome


  • Bots have immense trouble navigating in map
  • If you chose to walk, the switch didn’t activate when it told us to push the button so we were stuck
  • When it tells you to run to the saferoom, it is unclear where the saferoom is (Geek found it by dumb luck after murdering Kaz….I just committed suicide)
  • Bit too dark to see properly where you were going at times

Overall we had fun riding the boat but we were disappointed, when we couldn’t complete the map properly since we couldn’t activate the switch to move the gate to run. We were also confused as whether there was a saferoom. We actually thought there was no saferoom. So Geek managing to complete the map after Kaz and I died was pretty amazing.

As I mentioned, it did get a bit dark to see at times even though I have a flashlight mod to make it brighter. Even turning my laptop’s brightness, while it did improve somewhat I had trouble seeing where I was going. Maybe I need new glasses.

However, bots had serious trouble in this map. We had a rochelle bot and she never left the starting area. She did manage to start moving when we reached Port Royal I think? Well, the city area part. So I think bots need to have better navigation for this map.

Link: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=5185


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