L4D2 Custom Survival Map: White Prison

So normally I play campaigns with my friends on L4D2, or sometimes can be “persuaded” to play a versus game as well. We haven’t played many mutations, survival or scavenge maps.

Since Kaz and I love portal 2 (despite having our brains melt, or the fact it makes us feel like idiots), we found a portal-esque survival map called White Prison (go figure). We did have fun using this survival map as a death arena where we tried to murder each other without the infected spawning.


  • Teleportation for human players to reach different places
  • Able to activate traps and barriers
  • Slow-motion upon exploding fire barrels
  • Well designed aesthetically
  • Clean and clutter-less which you’d expect if it was  real test chamber from Portal 2
  • All special infected spawn regularly and together at once
  • Supplies were stored throughout the map in a unique way
  • Large map area with many areas where you can hole up in to fight the horde
  • In beginning, you have access to many weapons and supplies
  • Able to choose between 3 levels you wish to play the map at


  • There are no defibs out in the survival map, so you have to smuggle one out
  • Doors do not recognize bots, therefore do not open for them hence they can be stuck in the spawn area
  • Teleportation pads do not work for bots
  • Sometimes, the bots do not grab weapons and will stick with pistols
  • Machine gun post at the highest tower was useless since zombies spawn in all directions so we were unable to use it
  • Jockeys would make you fall to your instant death instead of clinging the ledge if you were high enough
  • Only found 1 trap on easy mode
  • Despite being on easy mode, it was still hard

This is definitely a map you would want to play with friends, unless you have a mod that makes bots more useful if you do this on single player. I recommend exploring the entire area before starting the survival event because you can find useful places to hide at, supplies and barricades. Maybe the maker could put more mounted guns in different areas of the map or put it at a better location on the tower, rather than its current position since it was useless there. Maybe in the wall that held health kits, maybe have replace a health kit with a defib because we had to smuggle one outside.

Also, probably have the doors recognize the bots so they can go out on their own, without help from the players to get them out.  Like I mentioned earlier, it is also a great map to have a death match with your friends in as long you don’t press the button that starts the survival event. As there is plenty of weapons for you to choose from and places to hide at, so it was quite fun to run around trying to kill each other and what not.

L4D1 survivors link: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=12828

L4D2 survivors link: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=11482


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