Binding of Isaac

So I got The Binding of Isaac during a Steam sale along with its DLC: Wrath of the Lamb.

It is an 2D action-adventure, dungeon crawl type game. The plot of the game was inspired by the biblical story of the same name. You go through countless of dungeons, going deeper each time while gaining power-ups and items along the way.  There are several different endings that you can unlock, which in turn unlocks new power-ups and characters you can play as. With the DLC, there are more enemies, levels and items added to the game. Basically adding 70% more to the game. Along with making the game way more challenging.

For an indie game, it was extremely well made. It is certainly challenging. I never managed to finish the game, perhaps I shouldn’t have gotten the DLC till I managed to finish the game itself. No regrets though. It is a very good game. The trailer for the game is a bit creepy but the game is actually a lot of fun to play. I understand it has been giving an 16+ rating as some people may be offended for ‘religious blasphemy’.

I also found the loading screens interesting (although they repeat quite a bit) as they are the visible thoughts of Issac. They ranged from humiliation from his peers, rejection from his mother and scenarios of his own death.

Well made and pretty cheap as well.


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