Technic Pack [Edited]

I remember when I got bored with minecraft then began wishing how I knew how to put mods for minecraft. Something, I admit I still haven’t figured out yet.

Anyway, so I was watching the Yogscast (Simon & Lewis) one day and noticed they were playing Tekkit. So that is how I got into Technic (which is for single players) and Tekkit (multiplayers). It is essentially minecraft but it has the most popular minecraft mods in it. It has its own launcher, so you can play vanilla minecraft, yogbox, tekkit, technic and a few other versions of modded minecraft.

It adds popular mods such as: Industrialcraft 2, Mo’s creatures, Equivalent exchange and many  more. You can view the complete mod list included in technic here:

I noticed that the Technic pack often had more mods installed than Tekkit. Which is a bit of a shame because I wanted some of the things that Technic had but couldn’t find it in Tekkit (list of mods in tekkit: So Technic seems to be a lot better than Tekkit itself. Also a shame how the forestry pack got removed, but then again it was the mod maker’s choice. Just a shame though. Had really neat stuff in it.

I like how you were able to mine all these resources and use machines to basically help you. Not to mention you had the best feature of all, the map. Where you can mark where your home was and landmarks so you would never get lost ever. Also, freely change between creative and survival mode and change whether it was day or not.

It also had better villages, where each village corresponding with its biome, had female and children NPCs and you could aid the village to expand. If you help them enough, you would be allowed to learn how to plant the village specific food (e.g rice and cotton for desert villages) and own a house there. Each village depending on the bio-region had its own ethnicity. I thought that was amazing.  Not sure about Tekkit cause I played Technic more than Tekkit.

What I loved the most of of both games, was Rei’s minimap mod that was included. That mod was a god-send. I remember how I got constantly lost in my minecraft world trying to figure where my house was, after I had wandered too far without making any landmarks.

Tons of fun for those who are looking for more out of minecraft. You will need to download it and need a minecraft account though.



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