Garry’s Mod Addon/Map review: Paranoia

Last night Kaz and I decided to play Garry’s mod. Mostly because Kaz wants me to die from fright. We both are also geniuses in the fact, we play horror maps for Garry’s Mod long after 11pm. So…we also lost quite a bit of sleep due to being scared.

[Note: do not ever play No Hell’s resort. Kaz and I tried playing it solo long after midnight. We did not last more than 10 seconds after the first jump scare. Just sayin’]

So I found Paranoia in the steam workshop. Not sure if it was meant to be scary, also meant to be single-player but it seems many people co-op on this map. It was certainly well made and interesting. In thee beginning, we were spooked out. The map felt like as if we entered someone’s mind or a dream. Mostly because of how some of the rooms were set up (see pic, pic by Shadgrimgrvy).  According to the maker, it is an abstract, surreal horror-esque map. We didn’t really get scared other than seeing the random head-crab that jumped me suddenly, and the folks with the head-crab on their head.  I did like how we moved to different areas via teleportation in the beginning, then via the doors. I enjoyed that and the different areas we ended up in.

Don’t think I was meant to have god mode on during this. Then again, we had so much trouble trying to get garry’s mod to cooperate with us to make a multiplayer game. Oh well, we’ll disable the god mode next time. We did have fun, although Kaz had a tendency to murder innocent civilians.

But we did experience some serious lag during certain parts of the map. It may be due to the props in that room. We had to use no-clip to get go through parts of the map due to lag.

Not sure if the map broke cause we reached the train station at the end, but nothing happened. Maybe because Kaz killed the civilians. So whether we broke the map or the map just glitched itself remains a mystery. Dunno. We still had fun though.

Still panicked when I saw the head crabs though.

You can download it via steam workshop for garry’s mod or the link below.



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