L4D2 Custom Campaign Review: Point Insertion & A Red Letter Day (Half-life 2)

Kaz, Geek and I just finished playing through this amazingly well made campaign. You do need to download a half-life 2 texture-pack provided by the map author in order to play this campaign. I admit, I have never played Half-life 2 before. Nevertheless, this campaign was still fun to play. See the screenshots below the review. Do note, that the texture-pack is linked by the maker so you can just click on the first link and download both rather than clicking both links, that I have provided below.


  • Begin in a train – end in a train station
  • Absolutely stunning visuals
  • Tanks spawned in great places
  • Teleportation!
  • Seamlessly combines the two chapters of HL2 into 1 campaign
  • Tons of supplies to find (after all exploration is rewarded)
  • Finale was fun (see con)
  • Hilarious ad poster (see screenshots)
  • Lots of crowbars so you can legitimately feel like Gordon Freeman
  • Roof-top map


  • Witches were a common occurence during this campaign. Can be a pro or con depending on the players
  • Smokers had a tendency to spawn in doubles which proved to be annoying. In particular during the roof-top map
  • Needs texture-pack for this campaign to work
  • Short campaign -> HOWEVER, if played on advanced/expert you can spend up to an hour playing this. we played this on advanced and finished it in 50mins.
  • 2 tanks appear in the starting map, which is a bit odd in my opinion…
  • Constant horde spawning, which in advanced makes things a bit difficult from time to time
  • The texture pack may cause a conflict as we tried to play the Indiana Jones freeride map, and we couldn’t see the ropes (Geek and I)
  • Texture pack may not fully work for some people, for example Kaz had trouble seeing the fences and he could not see his hands or guns
  • Train will kill bots during finale
  • Bots don’t seem to recognize the ladder in the apartments map as our Louis bot jumped straight to his death

Despite the cons, I actually had a lot of fun playing this map. So beautifully made. I really recommend this campaign for people to play. There is chapter 3 that continues from this campaign, called Route Kanal. However, we have not gotten around to playing it yet.

Link to campaign: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=21061
Link to texture pack: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=21626


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