Killing Floor

Finally got around to playing this game at Kaz’s insistence, mostly because he wants me to soil myself (Kaz, you’re a jerk). Going to admit while it is not my kind of game, I can see why people would enjoy it.

Another confession; I enjoyed playing this. It is certainly very different to the games I am used too. However, the ‘specimens’ as they are called are a little too horrifying for my tastes. Especially since it’s the Christmas kill-fest hence Christmas themed specimens, is certainly unsettling. As Kaz said and therefore quote: “there goes my childhood”.  Never going to look at the reindeer, snowmen, Santa Claus and gingerbread men the same way again.

It does focus on co-op since they will attack you from all sides, since you will need to depend on your team-mates for survival. Unless you are a pro, like the one player we met called Ghost Rider. He was pro enough to survive by himself while the rest of us died. This was even on normal difficulty. I don’t know about the rest of the group, I think my death was understandable since I am new to the game. Kaz however, not so sure about how he died a rather painful and sad death.

Moon Base map for K.F

I do like how you can purchase weapons at the end of each round before the next wave starts. Obviously I am not a fan of how the trader constantly move from place to place. Nevertheless, it does make sense since obviously she would not want to be near where hell is breaking loose. Also, if a player survives all the dead players will respawn so they can purchase weapons before the next wave starts.

Another thing I liked was a sense of classes for you to specialize in, as each had its own bonuses. So as you progressed, you became more efficient in the things your current perk was associated with. For example, if your perk was sharpshooter; the more head-shots you did, the more experience you earned for that perk. It also improved damage with weapons such as rifles and pistols.

The map selections are very nice and varied. Like how they have map descriptions for each one. You can customize the length of the maps meaning, you fight more waves before dealing with the boss, or Patriarch as it is known as. By the way, the patriarch is an annoying S.O.B to fight. He can teleport, summon the waves when you exhaust him, armed with a mini-gun and another weapon which has a homing ability I believe.

Overall great game to do co-op on if you like to co-op with friends or into survival horror games. I think you can have a max of 8 players. You can buy it on Steam cheaply for less than 8 US dollars due to the Christmas sales. Recommend you buy games during Steam sales as they become a lot more affordable. Which is fantastic if you are someone like me which is someone whom is constantly broke for some reason. Or just someone who is willing to wait for the games to be at a cheaper price to save money. Whatever floats the boat.


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