L4D2 Custom Campaign: Undead Zone Public [Beta]

Just finished this campaign with Kaz and Geek. We took about 2 hours on advanced cause we had to restart 4 times. First two times was because Kaz set us both on fire (Geek was afk, so his bot died somehow), the other two times…..we just got murdered by zombies or special infected.


  • Desert themed
  • Custom voice acting
  • Finale
  • Tanks had a custom skin (however, it looked like it was taken from the sacrifice campaign)
  • Lots of supplies scattered throughout finale
  • Transitioning terrain from map to map
  • Custom music (especially tank music)
  • Large maps which made it fun to explore
  • Option to disable voice acting
  • Kaz dies in the finale (Kaz, Geek and I had nothing to do with your death)


  • The voice acting was way too loud
  • The way the voice actor talked, especially during the finale was difficult to understand what he
  • No ammo pile for the finale
  • Tanks can get stuck in the windows where the medkits were (which frankly was a god send, considering Geek and Kaz got themselves incapped, leaving me to run around dodging the tanks till they got stuck so I could rescue them)
  • the campaign was too yellow, even wearing my glasses; it still hurt my eyes till I lowered the brightness of my laptop

We had a ton of fun playing this despite our 4 restarts to this campaign. The finale was interesting in the fact, the ladder actually lowers itself for you and the chopper is already there waiting for you. Kaz dying  at the bottom of the ladder was a bonus. Sorry Kaz, but it was hilarious. Geek wanted me to do Criken’s “Dr.Nick” thing on you so you couldn’t get on the chopper, but the zombies killed you for us. Love you too Kaz.

Link: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=20992


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