Minecraft project: Log Cabin Retreat

Just finished building this today (not really, several days ago). Forgive the enormous fire-place. I didn’t want to (too lazy) to rebuild the foundations for the cabin cause I had built its mini lake/moat (that doesn’t look like a natural lake). The reason for its size is because it had a tendency to set the roof on fire. So for the safety of the cabin, I made a ridiculously large brick fireplace. Which bothers me slightly but sacrifices must be made.

Like sacrificing Kaz to the tank to save myself by making a mad dash to the safehouse. Hehe, good times. That does remind me of a versus game I had on L4D2 where I ditched 2 friends of Kaz to save myself. Geek, you’re really bad at being a tank if you didn’t make sure I was incapped. Also, to everyone who was on Kaz and Geek’s infected team: WHY DIDN’T YOU ATTACK ME WHEN I WAS RUNNING TO THE SAFEROOM WITH BARELY MORE THAN 10HP!? I was such an easy target!

Update: This is actually one of my favorites and the fireplace eventually grew on me. I like it now 🙂

Insert Random Sales pitch: Do you ever feel like getting way from the hustle and bustle of city life? Run away to hide in nature in a cozy little log cabin? Well no look further! This little cozy cabin could be your getaway! Surrounded by nature and easy access to the lake for those whom love to fish, swim or float on their wooden boats! Limited discount offer of 3 diamonds! Grab it now before it gets snatched up! Visit your nearest minecraft real estate agent today! Warning: this real estate agent takes no responsibility should you choose to purchase this cabin, of any fire damages that occur and burns this cabin down. 


2012-12-27_20.48.06 2012-12-27_20.08.24 2012-12-27_20.03.44


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