Borderlands Adventure

I recently started playing Borderlands co-op with Kaz and DeeDee. I do enjoy the game so far, especially while co-oping because it’s always more fun with friends. I am still getting use to the game controls and how it looks on my laptop screen (despite adjusting it several times).

Playing as a Siren because I wanted the phase walking ability. Certainly useful in life or death situations or ditching my friends to save myself. Good for hit and run tactics. Although, I realizes my game style suits more of the hunter since I prefer to snipe at a distance. However, I also like to be able to disappear.

I have learnt that if my life is in jeopardy, I am willing to ditch them both to save myself. Also, that I am somewhat competitive by refusing to be a lower level than Kaz whose cheating by using the same char while soloing. I also found that all the weapons I want…..are too high leveled for me. The pains of a gamer who likes to hoard things.

However, I noticed that Kaz constantly does one thing: unable to drive the darn car properly. Then again….he’s probably a better driver than I am so I can’t really complain about that, can I? Wait, I am not complaining.  My brain is confused. A great thing about Kaz: his inventory management. He is able to carry all the junk that I can’t carry due to having too much stuff. Another observation: DeeDee screams way too much and has a sociopathic laughter that sends chills up my spine. I fear….she may want to rape me. “Possibly” however. I will….just sacrifice Geek to take the unwanted advances for me. Maybe she’ll rape him instead of me. DeeDee isn’t into girls right? *worried*

Hm, still trying to figure the game out. I don’t like how my crouch button is right next to my melee. Gonna have to remember to change the key bindings for my stuff, so I don’t keep dying from pathetic deaths. I swear that Kaz spends the majority of his time reviving me. Just sayin’

Great game to play for co-op though. It’s still fun as single player, but with friends it is always more fun.


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