Borderlands DLC: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

Finished this DLC with Kaz in….one day? Just about, it’s 2.40am right now so…..yeah.

warning: this post contains spoilers.

We need lives. Well, he has one since he’s  back in school. Me however……*awkward nervous laugh insert here*.

Anyway, this was insane. Zombies, wereskags and a ton of undead stuff after you till you kill Dr. Ned.

I originally wanted to play the DLCs till after finishing the main borderlands quest line. However, he had been dying to play this so we ended up playing this. Originally had some problems trying to activate the DLC but all went well. Set in a swamp like place with the Jackobs controlling the area till the zombies appeared.

The zombie I hated the most was the one that would spit on you, damaging your shield to the point it was spent, you couldn’t see and your speed was hindered. Couldn’t remember the name of it but it was so annoying. Also noticed that they reused Old Haven and named it as Dead Haven. Even had undead crimson lance. I think what surprised us the most was how the undead crimson lance could set up turrets. That surprised us quite a lot. Not to mention ninja psycho midget zombies that managed to leap to my sniping spot.

Wereskag – Big foot

Kaz and I both agreed that the wereskags were actually cute. I swear, when I first saw it I actually thought it was a were-hamster for a moment. Then the game tells you its a wereskag. Still cute though, till it opens its mouth up RE style. The Jakob’s company were jerks, if we could we would attack them. Even their claptrap was a jerk.

Dr. Ned was probably hilarious since he keeps insisting he is not Dr. Zed (we thought he was) and the obviously fake mustache. It was interesting as I was telling Kaz we should kill Dr. Ned for making all the zombies and wereskags, then suddenly he was the villain. Guess it shouldn’t be surprisingly, as Kaz claimed it was obvious due to the fake mustache. My god, we thought we killed him only to be scared out of our wits when he ripped the credits and became this undead satan monster of pure hell. EVEN THE FINAL FIGHT WAS LITERALLY IN THE BOWELS OF HELL/SATAN! I’d upload a picture of it but I can’t. I didn’t keep the screenshot.

Certainly gave us quite a challenge with the constant respawning undead hordes. Nice loot in return though. Could been more original in the ‘Dead Haven’ area and reduce the intense red glow we had to tolerate while in the area.

Nice DLC. Good for Halloween (which is long gone), Pumpkinhead was a nice touch too. Can’t wait to finish borderlands and the DLCs. So forgive me if I take a long time to upload anything, I been ignoring minecraft as well in favor of borderlands.


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