Well, technically we haven’t finished it since we have the DLCs and such. However, I am considering the opening of the vault and defeating the boss monster as a good point of me being able to review the game. Pretty great game, had a blast playing this game. I actually was skeptical of this game since it didn’t really seem to grab me but when I started playing it, especially with friends then it really began to grab me.

Liked the whole level up system where you have 3 different classes to level up in, all which give different benefits to your character (or even the group as a whole). As well the class mods which again enhance your character and the group as well, which I enjoyed since it gives you an ability to customize your character.

The different levels of gun rarity was pretty interesting as well, however I am not a gun collector so unless the rare gun had higher damage than my current gun I would sell it. The gun slogans were pretty interesting and some were hilarious to read. The fact that each gun was made by a different gun company or had different effects (i.e corrosive damage, effective against shields) made it all the more interesting since I prefer to strategic  to an extent by using a gun that I know will deal the most damage (especially when it comes to the Crimson Lance, those guys are such a pain to kill).

Although, it is normally more fun to charge in with guns blazing. Or in Kaz’s case, get a racer or lance car to run everyone over. Well, until Kaz gets the racer stuck in very strange positions. I swear, at some point in game he will either crash the racer or get it stuck. I am just saying.

An example of Kaz’s awesome driving skills. He is totally not stuck or anything.

Another fact is that it makes you work for some of the guns, as each gun has its own required level that you need to reach before you can use it. Hence you got to work for the gun you want to be able to use.

Like that you are able to continue the game after you finish the opening of the vault. It annoys me slightly that some games just end the moment you finish the main quest (e.g Fallout New Vegas) so you can’t continue with the same char to finish the DLCs or do mod quests.

I do like how the enemies are varied since it fits with the idea that it takes place on an alien planet and all that (hooray for being specific).

Always great to co-op with someone since it makes a lot of the quests easier and you have someone on your back. Sometimes, you may get a bit competitive as me and Kaz tend to try get ammo, weapons and such before the other gets it. We or at least me tend to get a tad competitive. I guess that why they have the arena, except Kaz just owned me. You and your stupid overpowered guns + hunter skills Kaz.

Definitely has become one of my favorite games to play lately, however I prefer to play it if I am co-oping with someone.


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