Borderlands DLC: Secret Armory of General Knoxx

Finishing this DLC up, we got about a few more to finish up. Very hard to write a post when you are distracted by crime dramas like: NCIS, Criminal Minds and CSI.

They are very distracting shows.

This DLC did quickly make me remember how much I hated the Crimson Lance. Especially the assassin squads since they would appear at the worst times ever. I guess that was the point though, since you were not meant to know when they would show up. So they are jerks.

I got to say, General Knoxx was such an interesting villain especially when he talks to the Vault Hunters. Awesome dialogue and lines. His recordings did provide more back story to the Crimson Lance and insight to how they work. Even more so when you do confront him, since his suicide scene is hilarious. Overkill much General?

More new enemies to fight. I think the one enemy Kaz and I were terrified of were the drifters. They are the scariest thing I have ever had to fight ignoring the Killing Floor zombies. Whoever designed those drifters is sadistic. Sadistic I tell you. However, the addition of the new vehicles: Monster and the Lancer was pretty good since the quests incorporated them into the questline. So you had a choice of three very differently armored and armed vehicles which are better suited to different quests. Loved the monster because of the homing rocket launchers, saved me many times and so useful. Kaz still prefers the racer I believe, addicted to the speed I guess.

New NPCs and areas to explore as well. You get to meet a rogue crimson lance assassin Athena, who happens to be named after my favorite Greek Goddess from Greek myths & legends. You meet Scooter in person and Marcus. As well apparently Scooter’s mom: Mad Moxxi. I swear, she looks like a circus ringleader. Can someone explain to me and Kaz how on earth is she a mother? We can’t comprehend how she is a mother. She don’t look like it.

Crimson Lance are still jerks.


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