It is time….

I think it is time to reinstall Morrowind. The game that started it all.

Shame how I keep uninstalling Fallout: New Vegas. I never ever seem to be able to complete the game for some reason. So annoying. However, I been thinking about replaying Morrowind for a very long time now, and I think it is time to finally re-install it.  It is going to be a massive nostalgia trip for me.

I only hope it is going to be able to have that magic I first saw when I first played it back in 2003-2004. I think it will still it managed to hold me long after Oblivion’s release. I played Oblivion a year or two later after the release cause I couldn’t bring myself to stop playing or abandon Morrowind.

Very curious to see what mods are out there for this amazing game. Only thing I don’t look forward to is the Tribunal DLC. I hated the Dark Brotherhood and that stupid shortsword of theirs. That sword was the bane of my gaming existence. My father’s too since he played Morrowind as well.

Seriously, whoever put those enchantments on those swords is a sadistic cruel jerk. Just sayin’


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