Morrowind Mod: Rise of House Telvanni (expanded version)

I am going to admit right now, that I have never been a fan of the great house Telvanni in Morrowind. I always been on house Hlaalu, simply because it was easier and I liked the location of the stronghold better than the other two. At least in Morrowind, you can name your multiple saves. So currently I been playing a lot with my save with the character being in House Telvanni.

This time however, I decided to give House Telvanni a try since it was the only Great House faction I never tried. Not to mention I wanted to try playing the Rise of House Telvanni after seeing how highly rated it was.

I never realized how much fun I was going to have playing this mod. It certainly receives its merit in being one of the top mods to play for House Telvanni. I am still annoyed about the location of the Telvanni stronghold you receive  It is literally in the middle of nowhere, it almost feels like they put you there just so they didn’t have to deal with you, because you are an outlander. I always imagined it to be somewhere more scenic.

One of the many NPCs you meet. (image by bhl from the morrowind nexus)

This mod takes place after the vanilla events of you being the Archmagister of the Telvanni. Admittedly, I found this odd since being an ‘outlander’, it is quite remarkable the Telvanni allowed you to join and much less allowed you to rise in the ranks so quickly. Especially since they had a reputation for not being fond of ‘outlanders’.

However, this mod had it all; treachery, manipulation, adventure, humor, assassins, a mad woman and it was brilliant. This story-line of this mod got me so hooked and intrigued that I was still playing Morrowind long after 1 am. I feel so saddened that I finished it today, that’s the problem with great mods and games, books or anything for that matter. Once you finish it, you feel a void and not knowing what to do because you were so into it that you just have no idea what to do.

I do like how you have choices in regards to how to deal with the Mages Guild, the Twin Lamps and just every quest. Every quest was different and had an outcome. Even the journal entries were entertaining as your character laments of how he/she ends up doing all the dirty work. Each character in the mod had their own story, and each quest helped your character and the house achieve their goals of being the true powerhouse of the region.

Archmagister Walker has arrived to discuss business with the Duke. She has ensured to look nice to make a good impression

The mod description was certainly right when it said that you and the house would shake Vvardenfell’s politics to the core. Normally, I am the typical “do-the-right-thing” kind of player, because I usually end up being a “good guy” despite trying to be a complete jerk. However, this mod made it so fun being a complete jerk and doing whatever means necessary to achieve your goals.

I am still sad that this mod is over. It would had been amazing if it had a sequel, but so well made and it fits in with the lore of the game. I am nearly tempted to re-doing this entire mod again just because I had so much fun. Maybe even see what the other decisions impact the game. Mostly because, I chose all the options that helped further the goal of making Telvanni the true powerhouse. So maybe, I will replay it to select the other decisions that you could have made to see what will happen.


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