Morrowind Mod: The Sixth House

This was actually the first mod I played. Yes, first thing I went for was an evil quest mod instead of an adventure one. It was actually something I had always been considering to play but never got around to it when I ultimately uninstalled Morrowind back then for Oblivion. I was always curious on how events of the game might have played out if you chose to join the Sixth House instead.

Considering this mod will have you break the main quest line, I played this before my other save which I intended to go through the main quest-line.

I have mixed feelings on this mod. While I did enjoy the evil aspects of the game and the benefits you gain from it, I felt some of the quests were too easy and didn’t meet some of the exceptions I had for it. Then again, I generally have high expectations although normally I try to not get too far ahead.

For some odd notion, I kept thinking I’d have my own stronghold in which I could order other members of the house around. While you technically get your own stronghold, there wasn’t much you could do other than roleplay.  Another problem I had was that you actually don’t turn into a “Dagoth” as you were still human (or whatever race you have chosen, I was a Dark Elf), even though you touched the heart. You could gain the corpus blessing but I wasn’t really thrilled into going into that, just in case I became a corpus monster. I was sort of hoping you gain the ability to swap between your two forms, or at least be able to cast a spell that hides your true nature as a Dagoth.

One of the many strongholds you will enter

It also felt surprisingly short and some of the quests seemed too easy. I was expecting a lot of challenges to prove yourself worthy of rising through the ranks and your eventual rank as a Dagoth, which is essentially a god in a sense. I think what bugged me the most was how easily seen was the first Sixth house base you go during your beginning in the Sixth House. I imagined it to be well-hidden to the general public, not to those who knew where to find it. It was right out there in the open, for all to see. Surely the Blades or someone would have noticed people coming in and out of that cavern, especially your character as he/she gains infamy for the deeds he/she does in the name of the Sixth house. I mean, you go in and out of that place pretty often, surely the enemies of the Sixth House would have paid attention to you. That’s what I think anyway.


I did have fun though, considering you get to play the main quest in a different point of view. As realizing that like any Great House, even the Sixth House has internal strife and betrayals that you must  deal with. Being the villain is always fun, I even got to run around in my Daedric armor just because I wanted to feel like I was truly evil and an Elf to be reckoned with. As well, strike fear into those who oppose me.

While you can still supposedly find it on, the link is actually broken. I actually felt upset thinking I had missed my chance of playing this mod till I saw a comment on the mod page which led me to an actual working download link.


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