Morrowind expansion: Tribunal (rant edition review)

So, I finished Tribunal last night finally (well two nights ago actually).

While I generally enjoyed this expansion, this was the expansion I had a love-hate relation in a sense. While I enjoyed exploring the capital city of Mournhold. I severely hated the Dark Brotherhood. By the power of the Tribunal, they were such a huge pain in the butt. Especially since they had a habit of attacking me when I was trying to heal due to extremely low health at the time (I had run out of health potions). My god, the sword they used was extremely annoying. It was the bane of my dad and my gaming existence when we played Morrowind.

However, I still remember that bitter time so I had ensured my dark elf could resist paralyzation. It was very painful memories.

Another thing I noticed which proved quite a downer for me, was how much time you spent in the sewers. A large majority of the quests seemed to take place in the sewers for me. Which disappointed me because I actually rarely explore sewer systems in Morrowind unless it was quest related or I remembered there was a daedra worshipping shrine in the sewer system. Other than that, I never went in the sewers.

Why hello there, I been sent to kill you. Meet my sword which shall be the bane of your existence

I also never understood how quick Helseth hires the Dark Brotherhood to kill you just because he believed you threatened his position as king. Only later, to claim trying to assassinate you was a mistake, THEN tries to kill you yet again. His excuse this time? There was a plot to kill his mother, but the real target was you. I mean, seriously? Not only he is willing to endanger his own mother… I mean, you managed to literally kill a god (Dagoth Ur) and his supposedly immortal servants and he hires 4 assassins to try kill you. In my annoyance, I did kill him and resurrected him. He has a very nice ring I must say. Hell of a defensive ring, no wonder he was such a prick to kill.

Then again, I would feel pretty threatened by the nerevarine. Especially if she (since I’m a female dark elf) is the leader of the Morag Tong. My god, I procrastinate so much that I joined every join-able faction in-game. However, I am pretty sure the nerevarine would have left him alone if he didn’t try to murder him/her. I mean, they wouldn’t have a reason to go to Mournhold. Heck, I didn’t even know Mournhold was the capital city. I always figured the city of Vivec was or maybe Ebonheart since it is the imperial port where the duke stays. When someone hires assassins to kill you, then yes answers must be found so of course you’re gonna go to Mournhold to find who wants you dead.

I think the developers should be more subtle in how they showed King Helseth and Almalexia. It was too obvious for my liking. I always thought people who are trying to manipulate someone, especially someone whose a famous hero (like your character) that they would be more subtle. However, I felt that was not the case. Helseth wants to test your loyalty to you (via assassination attempts) and asking you to spy on the supposed goddess. While Almalexia wants you to help convince people that she is still powerful and has not lost her powers.

I currently did like the twist when she claims Sotha Sil had lost his mind, but she was the one who lost her powers. Hints are given to you subtly such as when you talk to Vivec prior to meeting her when he states she was likely to be more deeply affected in losing her divine powers compared to him or Sotha Sil. As well, in the quest when she demands you use a weather machine as a “display of her power”.

Almalexia in both normal and mad goddess variations (this is the splash screen for Better Almalexia that uses better bodies textures)

The clockwork city of Sotha Sil was amazing, it met and didn’t meet my expectations at the same time. That probably didn’t make any sense. I was expecting it to be more puzzle driven and less on combat. I felt like I was just playing “guess which is the right lever” rather than being actually challenged. It says that the clockwork city is ever-changing but it felt pretty static to me. Then again, it would make sense considering the state you found him in later. I really liked the style of architecture though, could done better in the puzzle department though.

Really wish there were images of Sotha Sil of how he looked like when he was an active member of the Tribunal with Vivec and Almalexia. Once it was over, I just wondered: well now what? Because you can’t go and tell the citizens of Mournhold of what happened to their beloved goddess protector. Nevertheless, it does make sense since Mournhold is a temple city. I think they could have maybe added more quests or make it feel less “empty” I suppose. Because I did feel satisfaction in actually killing the mad goddess (and soul-trapping her) but I didn’t feel the usual satisfaction for finishing the quest.

I guess I only enjoyed the quests that were side quests and seeing the new buildings, especially the craftsmen hall and the museum of artifacts. I should look into the mod that supposedly expands Mournhold……when I decide to finish Bloodmoon cause I’m procrastinating on that right now. The new armor and weapons was pretty neat but I’m not into heavy armor so that sort of threw me off. However, I did get the full armor set for display purposes.


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