Morrowind expansion: Bloodmoon

Finally we have finished the shortest expansion. Bloodmoon. Now all I got to do is finish exploring Vvardenfell so I can begin using mods.

The length of this expansion is certainly a lot more shorter than Tribunal was. Also it was more tolerable than Tribunal was. However, the snow blizzards were a complete pain. They’d show up at the worst times ever, whether it be me running for my life or trying to find a quest-given location (especially when finding the standing stones).  Other than that, it was pretty fun for me. Didn’t like the werewolf quests though.

I like how this picture has nothing to do with the current post….as well it being so suggestive. “Grab my spear” he says…..

I think the settlement of Thirsk could been more expanded out, since it claims to be an ever-growing or thriving community. However, all it has is a smith whose hanging out in the elements, a mead hall and a storage hut hanging outside. I just think it could had more buildings (like a sauna to warm the frozen chilled bones) or at least give it a feel that it is more lived in. However, the fact you are able to give orders such as order mead, collect profits or send hunters out is pretty cool. Could use more NPCs in the main hall though. The fact you can make custom snow bear or snow wolf armor is pretty amazing. I enjoyed it a lot, especially the snow wolf armor since my character earns a better armor rating and protection from light armor.

I got to say, the airship quest while hilarious (especially since you find the argonian dead on top of a rock randomly). I just think they could have placed the quest giver in a better location. Ald-Ruhn is seriously far away from where Solstheim is. I mean, if you want people to be able to do the quest, surely they would have placed him in a better location like Fort Frostmoth then have you bump into him in Ald-Ruhn. It just makes more sense to me that way.

I really enjoyed the East Empire Company quests though. I think that was the only quest line in Bloodmoon that I actually enjoyed. Since your choices influence whether the colony of Raven Rock succeeds or fails. Since I am a good person, I let the colony succeed because I cannot bring myself to massacre a colony that I’m helping to build (but no problems in murdering bandits and etc). The big reward is certainly in being able to make the custom ice armor and ice weapons. The factor’s estate is nice, imagined it to be a bit more grander but I can fix that myself.

Why hello there. Let me give you a hug! Oh, you has a sliver sword….what do you mean I’m a draugr?

I really did enjoy the appearance of the werewolves since it fits with my general idea of how werewolves look. More wolf-like than the ones in Skyrim. Although, werewolves I suppose are meant to look more monstrous to strike fear upon seeing up….so the Skyrim take on werewolves is more accurate. However, I generally prefer mine to look and act more wolf like.

I suppose the main plot of the Bloodmoon quest is pretty good. I certainly found it intriguing. It does seem to make sense with Hircine since he is the daedra god of the werewolvs (or man-beasts actually) and the lore surrounding about how he has “The Hunt”. It certainly interesting how when you face Hircine, you are allowed to choose what aspect to battle with him. As he asks you what you believe to be the hunter’s greatest aspect: strength, guile and speed. I choose guile as I think the hunter has to be able to outwit his prey, also I wanted his spear to display as a trophy in my home. *thinks* I need to stop hoarding artifacts, I’m running out of display cases in my expansive home.

I think the greatest reward I enjoyed having was the Ring of Hircine since it allows you to view the werewolf cinematic sequences and transform into a werewolf, without the repercussions. I have fun running around as a werewolf, it is entertaining. Although I only use the ring when I am really bored.

However, the thing I really hated more than the snow blizzards was the undead. The draugr were such a pain. Not to mention horrifying since not only they can move extremely quickly, they look pretty ugly. I remember getting scared out of my wits several times when a draugr just suddenly appears out of nowhere, running at me in literal super-speed to give me a kick and proceed to smack me. I do not like being surprised at all. So I had many panicked killings of the draugr. At least I haven’t died from one, just near heart-attacks.

Overall, much more enjoyable than Tribunal was. Gave you a new landmass to explore that had different weather patterns compared to Mournhold or the main landmass. I found it pretty hilarious that there were more Imperials and Nords, then suddenly you have this Dark Elf just running around the place. Since the only large concentration of the dark elves were at Raven Rock. I still think it is weird how the shaman of the Skaal village didn’t see signs that the leader of the village changed to be a darker person. I mean it was rather obvious when you talked to the guy during the Hunt.  Still fun, now I can finally return to my quest of exploring the entire landmass of Vvardenfell so I can start looking into mods. I got two mods that I used before in the past that I am really excited to get  back into. I got a couple more that I am interested in as well. With that said, it will be quite a while before anything new shows up on the site, since I am going to take a while to finish exploring rest of the landmass.

I think minecraft is going to be on hold for the time being.

p.s: I’m hungry and it is 2.30am right now. wow…


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