Morrowind Mod: Restoring Rain’s Hand Hall

While searching for mods on Morrowind Nexus, I came upon Restoring Rain’s Hand Hall. The mod description really got my interest since it has its own lore that is integrated into the game.

Not entirely sure because I actually downloaded this long after I finished the main quest. Since this mod is supposed to follow your progress as you go through the main quest. However, it is not necessary. This is actually two mods in one. 1 is being the Rain’s Hand Hall alone and the other mod is a quest mod that actually sees it being restored to its former glory. I am just going to review them both.

I always wondered how come there is no mention of Lord Indoril Nerevar’s home or anything else related to him, other than being a great war hero and the myths surrounding him; his fabled ring, uniting all under 1 banner and all that. I mean, he was the leader of the great house of Indoril. While they are not seen in-game, surely they would have at least mentioned what happened to his home/stronghold or whatever he dwelled in before his death.

So the quest mod actually gives it a backstory that relates to your past incarnation.

It is set behind the on the hills of Ald-Ruhn temple. I find this a tad odd as Ald-Ruhn has always been the council seat/town of great house of Redoran, not Indoril. Also, for me personally I would had set it somewhere that wasn’t near the Red Mountain. I am not a fan of ash storms. I like my houses to be in more scenic locations. However, it does have a beautiful re-landscaped area with a waterfall below the steps leading up to the entrance hall.

It has several areas to the castle/hall. Each one has its own history and the curator who is helping to excavate your ancient home is willing to tell its backstory to you. You can even talk to the craftsmen who are doing the work for their own opinion.

Hello sera, welcome to Rain’s Hall. The ancient home of Lord Indoril Neravar (pic taken from restoring hands hall – originally from Chesko)

I did enjoy exploring this mod but in the end, I had to decide that it wasn’t for me. So I ended up uninstalling it. To be honest, I already had my own house mod that has always been my home (a mod review for another time). However, it was neat to see someone’s take on the idea and somebody else expanding on the house mod by giving it a quest and backstory to it. I did like the wall of the warrior poet (seems to indicate Vivec who is known as the warrior poet more than Indroil Nerevar) as when you forge alliances in the three great houses and unite the ashlander tribes, they will send representatives/guards to the hall to help defend it. Which I thought was pretty neat.

I do like the idea however, I think there should be more house mods similar to this that create homes they believe how House Indoril strongholds would have looked like. Most are mostly homes that people like for their characters since it suits the characters or what not. If you just want the house mod just click on this. As that is the original mod, if you want the quest; you will need to actually download two different mods. The original house mod and another for the quest line itself. The one for the second is the link with the mod’s name at the beginning of this post.


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