Morrowind Mod: Mournhold Expanded

I was always disappointed in how small Mournhold felt despite being the Capital of Morrowind. So seeing Princess Stomper’s Mournhold Expanded mod got my attention, and I was keen on checking it out.

(All images displayed here belong to Princess Stomper, also she makes excellent mods for Morrowind)

Must say, despite experiencing frame-rate drop at times in random times. Lots of new areas and content added to the Mournhold area. Such as a docks area, resort area, theme park and so on. I actually had a blast exploring it despite the constant music change. The problem I had was that whenever I entered a new area the music volume would just spike to the max. Making me deaf and giving me random frights.

Must say though, certain areas were very beautiful. There are some quests added to the new areas but I don’t think I found them all. Some of them are surprisingly random like the quest to earn a palace of your own. I mean why would Helseth’s mother (whose name is too hard for me to remember how to spell) have her own palace so far away? Okay, granted she may want some privacy from her son whose a manipulating and possibly paranoid jerk…..but for a large palace she has way too LITTLE guards. 4 guards for the main floor alone. Personally, if I were someone of her status I’d have more guards to cover more ground. The fact that she somehow gets randomly kidnapped by 2 guys is odd. In tribunal, she claims to be able to defend herself but she certainly didn’t put much of a fight with those two men. Also, if she is able to use Divine Intervention spell to get to safety, why didn’t she do so earlier when they charged into her room? I would have.

The royal pavilion is certainly large though. A little too “yellow” or bright, for my tastes. I can’t tell if it is too yellow or too bright. I’m going with yellow lighting.

I think I still have a lot of features that I have missed like ‘wrestling a bear’ which I didn’t see. I did manage to find the horse and donkey that you get to ride around. *checks the mod description*  Yeah, I missed quite a bit of few things. Ah well, I will try to find them and check them out later.

However, I did have one problem which was not the frame-rate drop. It was how the beach in the Mournhold resort was tilted. I found it so strange. I think she should made it leveled rather than tilted while unique, it just didn’t sit with me.

I decided that today instead of having an gaming marathon. I shall have an NCIS season 8 marathon instead.


2 thoughts on “Morrowind Mod: Mournhold Expanded

  1. Thanks for the kind words. Two random points of trivia: 1/ Barenziah’s palace is loosely based on the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, England. The palace was the home of the Prince Regent in the early 1800s, who didn’t want to live at Buckingham Palace in London. It’s a lot less gaudy than the palace it’s based on! 2/ The tilting beach was because I had no other way of getting a nice slope of deepening water. My early experiments with ‘tides’ resulted in all manner of weirdness (like NPCs floating up into the air!)

    • Your welcome! I enjoyed some of your other mods for Morrowind in the past as well. I take it you got the pingback while I was fixing the posts, since I was fixing all of them. Something went wrong in my export/import 😦

      1) I can definitely see the resemblance once I searched the Royal Pavilion and compared it with the palace. Haha, it’s been so long since I played Morrowind so I’ll take your word on it :p

      2) LOL, floating NPCs certainly classifies as weird. I wouldn’t know what to think if I saw that. Thanks for explaining about the tilting beach, makes sense then to go with that then. I would prefer that and deal with my mild OCD being triggered about it being tilted, than seeing NPCs floating the sky and I don’t think I want to know what other possible weirdness it may have unleashed as well.

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