Morrowind Mod: Ravenloft

When Rethan Manor became too small to house all of my trophies and ever-expanding soul gem collection, it was time to look for a house mod that had large spaces or at least display areas. Ravenloft soon became the answer. The only house mod I use constantly in every Morrowind save game I have.


It is set in its own dimension so it would not conflict with any other house mods  I think there is one mod that gives it an exterior entrance but I cannot remember. However, to reach it you would either have to find its teleportation amulet or use the console code to give yourself the amulet.

Showing off my display in cabinets in private quarters display

It has many rooms ranging from: main hall, armory, private quarters, poo, dojo, mage’s room and library to name some of the rooms. There are even hidden rooms that you can find. Such as the hidden summoning room in the Mage’s room. I still yet to find all the hidden rooms.

Display cases showing off my artifact collection.
Display cases showing off my artifact collection

Even the chests are labelled so you can organize things. So Ravenloft is pretty much my prefect base of operations. Especially since I am a pack-rat and like to collect/horde everything. Also, I like to be organized so I know where everything is. Bit of OCD on my part.

I still think this is the best house mod for Morrowind that I ever saw. Perfect and it has everything I needed.


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