Morrowind Mod: Suran Extended 1.2

One of the earlier mods I actually downloaded. Actually it was the first two I downloaded since I remembered having this mod. The following images are not mine. Mostly interested in this mod because many towns felt bland to me. Few framerate drops here and there at times. No particular review.


Suran Extended 1.2 basically adds onto the town of Suran. Turning it into the “jewel of Ascadian Isles” making it a perfect holiday destination. Revamps the mountains around the town of Suran to add new houses. It does add a few new quests to the area. New NPCs as well which is not surprising considering the new houses areas. You get to join in a treasure hunt, go fishing among other things. I haven’t done everything in this mod yet since I am dividing my time between several mods.


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