L4D2 Custom Campaign: SaltHell Park [final review]

So tonight we have finished this lovely campaign. The review is mostly the same as my first impressions. The finale was interested since it takes place at a crematorium of all places. Kaz and I still experienced one heck of a frame rate drop through the game. More so when the horde appears.

Seriously, in the finale the map maker is very obsessed with hordes. Since the hordes come at you constantly, also what is with the overkill with the tanks? We’re fighting one tank then SURPRISE! There’s another tank!

Then when the chopper arrives, you got to run so far away through a literal maze to reach it. I doubt I would have survived that finale if the tank didn’t decide to be helpful and punch me, sending me flying over 5 walls which landed me right in front of the chopper literally. It doesn’t help when you got to fight/avoid 2 tanks and through a never ending horde.

Speaking about the finale, why is that as soon you leave the safe-room to go to the finale……there’s a ton of special infected spawning all over the place and there’s an over 50% chance a tank will appear in the beginning of the map?

It’s certainly a beautiful campaign with awesome easter eggs and the boat ride part was awesome. Yet, so much frame-rate drop, it took away from the experience.


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