L4D2 Custom Campaign: Left 4 Mario [It’s-a-me! Mario!]

More L4D2 madness! Kaz has been missing playing custom campaigns a lot lately so we went on a search for a new custom campaign to play. He wanted to play Silent Fear, but being the big chicken I am…..I managed to find Left4Mario which caught his attention.

best.intro.ever. man, the memories this brings


  • stunning visual
  • platforming [see cons]
  • great idea/theme (I think there should be more of these)
  • monsters and traps from the mario games
  • great usage of the question mark blocks
  • each map concludes with the flag and saferoom is in a castle like the original mario games
  • each map included the main worlds of mario -> e.g underground, browsers castle and the tree top world


  • extremely unfriendly to bots, sometimes the bots can manage the jumping puzzles or they just simply die
  • the custom loading poster doesn’t look good at all, looks like it was done last-minute
  • finale was extremely confusing: 1. the finale was great till the moment you climbed up the vine, you ended up in this huge white plane. what was that all about? 2. bots couldn’t seem to figure how to climb the vine so ended up stuck with the tank
  • felt linear at times

A very excellent campaign for those who love Mario games. Loading poster could use some improvements and the bots could use more lessons in how to master the jumping platforms. I ended up eating…about 17 health kits? (holy crap) because it is a pretty unforgiving campaign on advanced and I didn’t want to take any chances. Still worth recommending but seriously, what was up with the ending of the campaign? It made no sense at all.

You can also find this campaign on steam L4D2 workshop. For those who want the link from l4dmaps.com, the link is right here: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=5255


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