L4D2 Custom Campaign: Frozen

So in Kaz’s usual need for playing custom campaign, we both agreed that Frozen looked good. Mostly because it was situated in a different environment from the L4D2 universe, meaning in a frozen landscape.


  • 2 finales – interesting concept/idea
  • snow-covered terrain – even the props are covered in snow (e.g buses)
  • custom weapons/ integration of cs (counter-strike) weapons
  • custom survivors (see cons)
  • good level design
  • custom tank music – made me and Kaz…..meaning we sort of crapped ourselves
Spawn glitch, we could not return inside of the map without returning to lobby to retry


  • the custom survivors are still in progress
  • Juan’s fps is the same as Louis
  • the market map (the first finale) is way too large – Wal-Mart felt too much like a maze (personal opinion)
  • too much lag in some instances – then again I experienced a very high ping for some reason during this game
  • experienced an odd glitch in-game where we died and spawned outside of the map (see image below)

This campaign has a lot of potential but still needs a bit of tweaking. The survivors are still good but not 100% perfect, they have odd issues. The campaign could used more variation in the weapons and maybe given the tier 1 weapons a bit more sooner in the first map.

Link: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=19943


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