So this is a game that I saw being played on YouTube on a gaming channel that I often watch. He was playing this game and it got me curious so I did a little research and found this.

It took several tries for it to actually download properly into my laptop. It takes a while to actually extract and a minute or so to load up properly. Depending on your computer system of course.

Basically you play the role of a long time friend of two AI characters named Trip and Grace, who are married to each other. Everything starts out well then suddenly things turn ugly as the married couple start fighting and you are forced to play mediator of sorts. Your words and actions determine the outcome of their marriage. Unless, you do something wrong and get forcibly kicked out.

Trip and Grace

I played this several times and I got different scenarios. So, this means you can play-through it several times and get different stories and reactions. I find it very interesting, although the reactions that the AI give to what you say isn’t always correct in my opinion but is pretty good. I am rather impressed.

The controls bug me. I find it awkward using the arrow keys to move around since I am used to the typical gamer control scheme (w,a,d,s) which makes it more awkward when you got to use your mouse at the same time, while typing. I am right-handed, so I need my right hand to use the mouse, then my left hand can deal with the character movement and typing. With the arrow key control scheme, I find it too awkward for my liking.

However, the fact that the AI reacts to what you say thus creating the situation/drama based on your actions and words makes it worth the time. Even over-rules the awkward control scheme for me. I think that it could use a bit more tweaking on the AI side, since it reacts oddly to some of the sentences I said which I felt was a perfectly normal thing to say. It is a bit slow to download but I personally, think it was worth the wait.

Really worth the download and checking out!

link: http://www.interactivestory.net/


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