L4D2 Custom Campagin: Chaos Theory [edited]

I was the one who decided that we should play this campaign. I found myself quickly regretting my choice of campaign. It originally looked good but when playing it, especially towards the finale. It was not as fun as it seemed to be anymore. This is actually a revamped campaign which was then ported to l4d2. [see below for added comment in regards to this campaign]


  • force field during the finale map in beginning was neat
  • different terrain experienced in campaign that ultimately relates to each other
  • teleport room was awesome (see con)
  • maze was pretty well done
  • option to activate chaos mode and deactivate it
  • traps
pretty force field. looks feeble but instant death shall occur


  • the finale has a never-ending horde – even before you start the actual finale event (this should not be happening)
  • the fact that there is a never-ending horde makes it hard to survive even on normal mode. If survivors cannot survive on normal mode, there is a serious problem
  • the teleport puzzle room while a neat idea, I don’t see how it fit into the campaign
  • no loading poster
  • no explanation why we had a weird visual effect in-games
  • smoker room was annoying as heck, although that is the purpose of the room

Normally, I would actually have fun in campaigns and recommend it. This is actually a campaign that I am unsure whether to recommend or not to recommend. I did enjoy the first two maps except for the finale. I suppose I could recommend it but wish whomever good luck on the finale. Edit: the map creator has contacted me and said he/she has fixed the issue we experienced during the finale. Finally gave this campaign another shot after its recent updates. Must say, enjoyed it. The issues we experienced before had been fixed, and the campaign maps were extended. Enjoyed it a lot.



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