L4D2 Custom Campaign: Diescraper Redux

So we finally decided to finish this campaign, we originally started this with Geek but since he disappeared to band practice…..Kaz and I finished without him.


  • medium length campaign
  • lots of detailed areas to explore
  • the entire campaign fitted the theme and made sense
  • lift safe-house was a very interesting and creative idea
  • great cityscape in the finale
  • you are able to fire the cannon
  • finale was great – the wind effect was a good touch
Finale helipad
Finale helipad


  • few repetitive areas
  • some of the maps were harder than others
  • felt there were a lot of horde events
  • it was difficult to realize the safe-room was the actual safe-room even with the safe-room spray nearby
Nade launcher in the toilet bowl. Makes sense
Nade launcher in the toilet bowl. Makes sense

Very good campaign, it had really good ideas in it. I really loved the lift being a safe-room. The finale was pretty good as well, it was so large with many rooms that you could enter. The fact there was a wind effect made being on a helipad a calculated risk, as it could turn into a death-trap quickly. Very fun campaign indeed. Enjoyed it and it was very interesting.

Link: http://www.l4dmaps.com/details.php?file=3804


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