L4D2 Custom Campaign: Yama (V2)

I have actually played an older version of this campaign a long time ago. Since Kaz wanted to play it, I decided to say that I only played the beta version (sorry Kaz XD). I must say that this final version is very impressive. There are elements that I recognized from my last play-through but also new ones. Even some of the maps looked different.


  • new improved areas of the campaign – e.g the improved safe-room vehicle in map 1
  • set in Japan
  • you can interact with the temple bells
  • Louis insults Francis in Japanese – that was hilariously epic
  • very original
  • great atmosphere
  • the look of the last 2 maps were great, they felt abandoned and as if nature took over with a lonely, desolate feeling
  • awesome loading screen – looks better than the older loading screen
  • Kaz gets charged off the roof during finale (see cons)


the infamous corner where I was punched into the void by a tank then smoked to death
the infamous corner where I was punched into the void by a tank then smoked to death
I like this abandoned 'nature retook everything' look
I like this abandoned ‘nature retook everything’ look


  • cable car was a bit glitched where if someone stepped out as soon you closed the door, they were barely hanging outside the cable car
  • being able to prepare the gas cans before starting finale took away bit of the challenge – however since we are lazy, we loved the fact we could cheat
  • Kaz survives the charge (which should have been instant death) but then dies due to zombies
  • just one question. how did the survivors go from Kyoto (map 1) to Kobe (map 2) in that vehicle? that is something the commentators on the l4dmaps.com and I have.
  • while the finale was great, I felt that it was easy as there was no tank. although the building made it very confusing to reach the chopper, I was lucky enough to remember I went down a room earlier on to look for cans and it was a shortcut to reach downstairs to the chopper

We took 1 hour and 25 minutes total for this campaign, on advanced difficulty. It is an excellent campaign, extremely well-made and it was a ton of fun. It was also well detailed and beautiful. Great fun. It deserves the rating it received on the l4dmaps.com and one of the best campaigns the site has to offer.



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