L4D2 Custom Campaign: Suicide Blitz 2

I played this campaign in the past but I never reviewed it. I can’t remember whether it was because I never let this site be public at the time, or I just plain forgot. Doesn’t matter since I am reviewing it now. Played this with Kaz and his new best friend (aw, c’mon Kaz you know you like her ;] ). Very interesting campaign. Although I hated the finale since it involved charging through the horde and such. Never a fan of gauntlet or crescendo events.


  •  easter egg – loved it
  • custom tank skin
  • custom weapons – that suited the campaign e.g foam fingers
  • great finale (see cons)
  • good length for the campaigns
  • great detail
  • train ride was interesting
  • good level design
Ahhh, fire everywhere!


  •  experienced a glitch in the finale where the tanks didn’t appear – we mostly fought special infected till the chopper arrived, that is when the tanks finally appeared
  • length of campaigns can turn away people – especially since we wanted to see the easter egg and we lost it. hence had to restart (poor Kaz)
  • I was ditched by my friends to deal with the tank alone – it was fine. I survived, brought the tank with me to the safe-room
The train ride

Very good campaign. The length is definitely going to turn some people away as it does feel lengthy at times. I did enjoy how the maps brought different settings to the campaign. The finale certainly felt like a rush since you had to charge through the horde. The fact there was a custom skin for the tank and skins for the weapons really suited the stadium finale. The easter egg was amazing, although quite deadly as Kaz and I found out rather quickly. I actually rather enjoyed the game. It does deserve the high rating it has received.



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