First Impression: Resident Evil 5

So this was a game I played for like 3 hours….didn’t finish and still going to review.

I actually re-installed it although yet to replay it with Kaz. I had to uninstall it previously to make space on my hard-drive.

Like the usual Resident Evil games, you are on a mission somewhere in Africa (if I recall correctly) and sadly it goes to hell. The team before you are killed and you learn the people are being turned into “Majini”. You are eventually saved by another team, among them who is Sheva’s (your new partner) mentor.

This game mostly relies on co-op between Chris and Sheva. You also need to strategies ways to kill the enemy and boss fights, hence cooperation between the two players is vital. Between scenes, you can sort out your inventory and even share objects such as ammo with your partner. I found that pretty useful, since I had a tendency to run out of ammo rather quickly. Mostly due to the fact, I panic therefore waste a lot of bullets. You need the co-op for many of the boss fights as well. Communication is important between the two players, such as informing them what is in your inventory so they can supply you with healing herbs or ammo. So the co-op can go a long way to keeping you alive longer, by having someone watch your back.

There are issues when you join a co-op game in Resident Evil 5. Such as the fact you can’t trade weapons with your partner, the movement is rather slow and the gun-play isn’t going to appeal to everyone. Oh and by the way, the game does not pause when you are messing around with your inventory.

However, the graphics are amazing and the animations are very well done. The co-op adds fun and excitement to the game, as well as tension to the game.  Although, the game feels more geared towards action than horror-survival. The new inventory management is in real-time rather than the its predecessor, where it broke immersion with a briefcase and enemies politely waited for you to finishing rummaging in the briefcase. In Resident Evil 5, enemies can still attack you while you went through your inventory.

If you do play on single-player, Sheva’s AI is rather good and efficient  She is extremely skilled with the burst-fire machine gun but tends to waste ammo for the handguns. She doesn’t necessarily feel like a baggage or to be baby-sitted. Her AI enables to hold her ground but Sheva really shines when she is controlled by another player.

I think the main issue I had, other than Kaz tricking me which often caused me to get hurt or killed. Yes Kaz, I still remember that chainsaw guy. You jerk. Anyway, moving on. My main issue is how the Resident Evil series (and movies) like to use Albert Wesker as the villain. I feel like he is over-used as a villain as it has gotten to the point where he is almost god-like. Even if you killed in him a previous game, he somehow is revived. I just find that odd. However, he is the titular villain of the series, so I can’t really complain about that.

Overall, good game. I re-installed this game and hopefully, I won’t rage quit this time.


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