First Impression: Tomb Raider

There is a lot of buzz over the game Tomb Raider, which gives the origin story (in a sense) to our heroine. It begins off with her first adventure as she first experiences adventure. However, her first adventure does not go according to plan. In fact, it goes very wrong indeed.

I actually haven’t finished playing the game. Evading those Russians (darn you Russians! kidding, kidding >.<” )  is a lot more difficult than I had realized. I end up getting killed…..a lot. However, I am very impressed with the game so far. Yeah….I am still in the early beginnings of the game. I am that much of a noob in Tomb Raider so far.

*warning: potential minor spoilers*

Still adjusting to the new controls and graphics. Not very used to the 3rd person camera on first person since I am very used to the first person cam. Not very good with the bow either.

I think the setting and the story is very good so far. I am very intrigued and it has my attention. There is amazing detail to the game, making it very realistic. Lara is a lot younger and inexperienced, therefore must rely on the surrounding environment and her survival instincts to help her survive. This aspect of the game, I found interesting as you must constantly interact with the environment in order to survive or progress through the game.

The scenery is also very beautiful despite the horrifying circumstances of how you end up on the island. The characters whom Lara interacts gives the story more depth, and they have their own personalities.  The story is what I find most intriguing since it revolves around an ancient Japanese Kingdom and such. Yes, I am into that kind of stuff so it gets my attention very quickly.

So far I am enjoying this game and it is no wonder why this game received so much hype, yet very good reviews (from what I saw so far).

Although I wish the quick-time event buttons did not clash with the subtitles. I died about twice in the beginning because I had subtitles on which over-rode the quick time event prompts till I turned them off. I personally like having subtitles on so I can follow the conversation and not miss anything.

Sadly, I am stuck in the beginning of the game because I apparently am not a good sneaky ninja and keep getting spotted by those dastardly thugs. So whether I keep trying this game or not depends on my rage levels in trying to pass that hurdle.


2 thoughts on “First Impression: Tomb Raider

  1. félicitations pour l’ensemble de ton blog… je te suis depuis peu et je trouve tes posts de qualité! J’édite moi aussi un blog depuis peu, n’hésite pas à venir me lire! ++ ZAK

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