On the rain-slick precipice of darkness Episode One

That’s a serious long title for a game isn’t it? It is still the longest game title that I have seen for any game.

Since I am in Thailand, I tend to get a bit behind on reviews mostly cause I don’t play much games while in Thailand. Although I been tempted to play the new sim city game….moving on. I am getting distracted from the main point of this post.

“A game based on the characters and universe of the popular videogame-oriented web comic Penny Arcade. For the first time ever the hilarious and irreverent web comic will be brought to life in a video game” – http://pc.gamespy.com (http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/penny-arcade-adventures-on-the-rain-slick-precipice-of-darkness/)

One of the many variations of the cover art
One of the many variations of the cover art

This game was actually the first game I bought when I first got Steam. I originally got Steam so I could own Left 4 Dead 2 but then expanded onward to other games. I bought this in a bundle set where I got both episode one and two. I never got around to playing episode 2. I should probably play episode 2 soon…..or sometime in the future. I am getting distracted again, aren’t I?

I had a ton of fun playing this game. More so, than I had realized when I first played this. I was skeptical in the beginning since I rarely played games that use a comic book style. I am very glad that I actually bought this bundle set, rather cheaply.

The enemies are very varied, from fruit-humping-obsessed little robots (yes, you read that correctly) to the ultimate creepy weird mime-clown-esque final boss. You will battle several mini-bosses that will escalate in difficultly. Team work between your friends or knowing how to strategize attacks among the 3 characters is vital to this game.

Example of the graphics, as well how
Example of the graphics, as well how battles look like.

Even the cut-scenes and character interaction is hilarious. Even the support characters, I mean c’mon seeing the cat cough a fur ball at an enemy (which does nothing at all), is pretty entertaining The game does end on ‘to be continued’ kind of ending. It does continue onto episode 2 where your character is still on a search for a new place to stay.

There is a leveling up system. The characters level up, and you can also upgrade the unique weapons that each character use. It has been a very long time, I cannot remember if they have their own special attack. I think they do since you have 3 options per character. If you time the attacks right, you can get all 3 to do a combo attack.

It is a shame that they never finished the trilogy. It was meant to be 3 episodes but it was scrapped after the 2nd episode. Also, Steam no longer has the first two episodes in their store. The episode 3 that you see in the Steam store, has a completely different game design and plot.

Not sure where else you can get this game. I never really researched on that. For such a great and hilarious game, it is rather saddening that they never finished the trilogy. It would have been great. Thinking and typing about this game makes me want to go download episode 2 now. Damn you Thai internet for taking forever to download anything.

*looks at the current download progress for Fallout: New Vegas*  Yes, I am re-downloading New Vegas because I am very bored in Thailand. At this rate, having a game that has quests I didn’t finish is a wonderful thing. Going off topic again…I am going to just upload this and go.


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