First Impression: Alice Madness Returns

I remember when my friend first heard about this game. She got so excited about it and wouldn’t stop talking about it. So out of curiosity, I checked the Steam store and it was for sale, then the next day it was no longer on sale. I had to tell her the bad news, I think a part of my friend’s heart died. If she had a heart. I can’t remember. My memory is terrible.

Well, Steam eventually got it back on their store for sale. I find it odd how Alice Madness Returns went from Steam to Origin, then back to Steam again. So I think I bought this game when it was on Steam Sale. I love Steam sales. Right, I’m going off topic.

I actually didn’t finish this game. I don’t think I even finished chapter one in this game. Why? I’ll show you a picture of the reason why I stopped playing this game. Another reason why I didn’t finish this game? I raged quit when I failed a jumping puzzle for the third time.

I seen mixed reviews for this game. Some say its a great game and some say it is an example of terrible game design. I didn’t play this game for more than 50 minutes so I can’t really say.

The intro of the game was horrifying. It scared the utter hell out of me to the point where I was pressing random keys, in hopes of one of them being a skip intro button. Anyway, the beginning of the game was fine enough. When Alice returns to Wonderland, everything is all pretty and everything seems to be well. Then the Cheshire cat welcomes you back to Wonderland, but warns you of dark forces ruining the balance of Wonderland. Alice is asked to restore the balance of the fantasy world. The usual good stuff. Till you begin fighting the beginning enemies.

The reason why I stopped playing Alice Madness Returns. The stuff of nightmares, this be.
The reason why I stopped playing Alice Madness Returns. The stuff of nightmares, this be. F*** this thing

Other than that, I did like the game so far….till I saw the Insidious Ruin which terrified me then I raged quit. However, since I am a jerk to myself. I did look at the plot of the game since I haven’t touched this game since my first 50 minutes….on the 29/7/2012. I did like the plot of the game, it was interesting.

Anyone else played this game? If so, what did you think of it?


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