It has been quite a while since I played any online games. I generally play arcade  puzzle, strategy  action and point and click games.

I think what drew me to this point and click game was mainly the screenshot and the game description. I must say, for an online game the intro cut scene and ending cut scene was remarkably well-done. The graphics are pretty amazing as well. Better than most games I seen.

Edit 2016: Morningstar is now a full released game on Steam under the name: Morning Star: Descent to Deadrock

Attention. Spoilers for plot begins now

I liked the plot of the game. Your spaceship gets pulled onto some remote desert planet by a strange gravity anomaly. You find another spaceship had crashed in the same strange scenario.  You are forced to scavenge in order to repair the ship, all the while noticing the strange statue heads. Of course then, you find a mysterious metal door in a carter, in the carter is filled with those statue heads. Clearly, nothing is wrong here. You get inside and find a mysterious chamber filled with specimens from varying galaxies (including a poor human soul) and the source of the strange gravitational anomaly.

I pretty much liked everything about this game. The game was simple enough and some tasks required thinking with the objects you had in your inventory. I remember how I got stuck in a few instances, then when I checked the walk-through, feeling like a complete idiot. Yes, I admit to actually seeing the walk-through because I couldn’t figure something out.

The chamber that you end up in near the end game, was pretty darn creepy. Those statue heads based on the Moai were so disturbing, especially since they are literally everywhere on the planet. The fact they were everywhere you went on the planet, then being in huge numbers made it extremely unnerving Being able to escape the island really felt like an achievement and I felt a sense of relief of being able to escape the planet.

Most game sites should have this game. However, I shall provide a link for those who wish to play this game. Unless you prefer to do a google or whatever search engine you use, to search for it yourself. That works too.


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