Borderlands DLC: Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot!


I like the alternative title better. Those were the exact thoughts and close to what I yelled at him via the game chat. Well, okay I didn’t yell but I was very close too.

Wow, I did not realize that I never put up a review for this DLC. Shame never got to finish the final Borderlands DLC. Maybe when I return to Singapore where I have faster internet, I will re-download Borderlands to finish it completely once and for all. Then debate whether to actually finish Fallout: New Vegas this time, or go solo in Borderlands 2….or actually try to finish Tomb Raider. Oh decisions. So many choices, so little time.

Basically, you have a new location that you can fast travel called: The Underdome. The introduction scene is pretty entertaining. The Underdome is owned by yours truly, Mad Moxxi. Technically her “fourth” husband while she’s on the prowl looking for a new toy to be her husband.

Hello! One and All! Welcome to the underdome, let's see some blood fly! - Okay, Mad Moxxi doesn't say that but it's close enough
“Hello! One and All! Welcome to the underdome, let’s see some blood fly! Put a show on for me, ‘kay vault hunters? ;)” – Okay, Mad Moxxi doesn’t say that but it’s close enough

There are several arenas that you have to fight in. Each arena is in a unique environment with their unique enemies. Even the arena event/mode is varied, so be sure to have a varied gun arsenal  The variety will play to your advantage and will help you out, trust me. Also, the enemies get progressively harder especially with certain modes so grab the health packs when you can.

Kaz accidentally started all this when he decided it be a great idea to enter one of the arenas. Be prepared to be there for a while because there is 4 rounds with the final 5th round, serving as a boss fight. Yes Kaz, I am still slightly annoyed about that. Overall though, it was a ton of fun especially when you get the lower gravity mode. That was amazingly fun. I can’t remember if we did all the arenas. I know we did at least 3 of them. Meh, my memory is terrible. Ah, well. I remembered the important bits so that is what counts right?

The boss fights are usually the same bosses you fight from the game. Such as three-dog for example. Still a fun DLC. Suits Mad Moxxi’s personality. Her commentary is entertaining to listen too as well.


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